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Effective Fundraising Using Avon Products

I have done several fundraisers over the years and the one consistency that makes them very successful is the civil cooperation from everyone involved. The whole purpose of fundraising is to create awareness for your cause, raise money for you cause’s research program, and to recruit other individuals that will help in fundraising and PR. 

As a Sales Representative for Avon, I have the ability to set up online fundraisers for your cause. It doesn’t cost me anything but taxes accrued during the fundraising event. It doesn’t cost you or your charity any money to get an online fundraiser organized with me. I don’t collect an income from your fundraising event. I do however earn incentives from Avon that will allow me to increase my earning potential on my own personal sales, not fundraising sales.

I do put in hours of my time for free as a volunteer for your charity to set up the event, help create flyers, set up a unique web page and links, press releases, and use social media marketing to help promote your fundraiser’s cause. I do not have the financial resources to donate my personal customer’s sales for every cause. The only money the fundraiser will get is what is generated from the online event.

So here are a few tips that will help you increase your online fundraiser event’s sales.

  1. Once we have the flyers created for your Team’s Event we will make jpeg images to post on Blogs, Facebook Pages Photos, Flickr, etc. This will give us a link that we can share on Twitter, my blog (Beauty4Charity), for press releases and you can print the flyer to hang on boards at the grocery store, Laundromats, put in the church bulletin, and hand out to people that you just come in contact with, like a cashier, receptionist at the doctor’s office, at the bank etc.

Typically a flyer will have the info of the charity, the person’s name or Team Name were supporting, a logo of the charity (with permission) to show it is authentic, how to go online an order or order through a representative of the charity (you), and contact information for the charity, the team manager, and Avon rep.

  1. The only way you’re going to get sales for your fundraiser is if you will actively tell people about it. 

Letting people know the features and benefits of buying Avon products does not make you an Avon Sales Rep. You’re not selling Avon products, your giving your family, friends, co-workers, etc. an incentive to donate money to your charity and support your cause. Your fundraising market is everyone. Meaning, your team that is formed of friends and family that you recruited to help you support someone you know that may be suffering from a serious disease are the same people that will go to a supermarket or department store and purchase fragrances, bath & body, cosmetics, and other health and beauty products.  The real benefit of buying Avon products for your cause is that it helps support your cause.

Scenario: Mary is on your team and your support Michael that has a serious disease. Mary typically raises $1500.00 per year towards your team’s goal. Mary shops at Walmart and spends on average of $30.00 per month on everyday health and beauty supplies totaling $360.00 per year. Walmart will keep all of the profits made from Mary’s purchase.  If Mary and 3 of her closest friends would spend $30.00 per month purchasing Avon totaling $1080.00 per year; Mary just earned $432.00 for your Team’s Goals. Mary probably knows 5 friends that know 5 friends, plus not to mention your direct network of friends that cannot come out of pocket and support your cause but would love to know that a portion of the proceeds from the health and beauty products the buy everyday will go to help you.

  1.  Are you really serious about fundraising? Being a serious fundraiser takes discipline, you have to be able to go out and talk to people share with them the seriousness of the cause you support. Some people are grateful for the work and efforts I put into creating, managing, marketing, and promoting online events through Avon for their cause, but being grateful to me is so small. Generating sales for your cause and promoting awareness is more important and that should be the focus. Put into actions and your gratefulness will generate sales.

Supporting the cause is the number one reason I do this. Any Avon Rep can choose to do fundraisers or not. I do because it is the least I can do. I have a full time job and I sell Avon. I am not financially rich and cannot support every cause and non profit I would like. I volunteer my time and my profits from Avon’s Online Events to show my support. We cannot depend on government funding to help every non profit, but we can depend on each other, and purchase health and beauty products for charity.

Jennifer Hill
Avon Sales Representative

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tiny Tillia by Avon

Welcome to Tiny Tillia

Once upon a time, there was a young mom who wanted the best for her little one. She looked online and in the store, but nothing was pure, cute or fun enough - her child deserved more!

So she searched inside her heart and gave TinyTillia its magical start.

Tiny Tillia is a land where kisses grow on trees, giggles sprout like wildflowers and sweet scents fill the air.

You won't find it on the map. But hug your baby and in a snap, the Tiny Tillia bunch will appear with wonderful products and plenty of cheer.
About Tiny Tillia by Avon

Originally sparked by a mother's love for her children, Tiny Tillia by Avon is a world of charming baby products designed to turn everyday routines into special moments for mother and child. The softest cotton babywear. The smartest developmental toys. The most inspired nursery decor. The highest quality bath and body products. An entire Mommy Tillia line to pamper mom. There's even a cast of lovable characters like Dilly Pig and Duncan Dog who are bound to become baby's new BFFs.
About Tiffany

Necessity is the mother of all invention - and Tiny Tillia is no different. Tiffany Lerman founded the company in 2006, when her youngest son was just a baby. After searching high and low for a bath and body line that was not only safe and effective but a pleasure to use, she decided to use her imagination and create something entirely unique.

As the daughter of best-selling author Jackie Collins, Tiffany had a knack for storytelling that came in handy during the creation of the Tiny Tillia brand. Determined to design a line that conjured up an entire universe of fun and adventure for babies, she decided to invent Tiny Tillia, a magical place filled with adorable characters that would inspire babies and toddlers to fall in love with bath time.
In 2006, she introduced a collection of eight bath and body items that took the baby world by storm. The products were snapped up faster than stores could stock them and became a favorite with the Hollywood A-list, inspiring Tiffany to dream of expanding the brand to include clothing, bedding and toys. So when Avon called and offered Tiffany the opportunity to do just that, she jumped at the chance.


Plush House Only $16 with your $40 order

ashley greene & mark Fall Styles


BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY-Sales Representative Jobs-Entry Level

***There is typically a $10.00 fee to get started. You will receive a kit that contains brochures, samples, an Avon Sales Representative Packet that includes all the information you need to get your business started. In addition to the starter packet you will also receive information about how to successfully market your business, maximize your profits, and one-on-one training from me via telephone and internet that will help you be successful and grow your business.  If you are unable to pay the $10.00 fee, don't fret, we have other options that will help serious entrepreneurs get started.

To be a successful Avon Sales Representative you must:
1. Have the motivation to be successful
2. Have an out going personality and be able to talk to anyone about Avon's products, show product samples, hand out brochures or business cards, and a basic understanding of Facebook and email is highly considered but not required.

Below is more information about how to get started and some frequently asked questions directly from the Avon Recruiting Pages


Whether you're entering the workforce, returning after the kids are grown, or just want to be your own boss, becoming an Avon Independent Sales Representative offers unlimited opportunities. Even if you've never sold a product before, you can do it - with Avon. As the world's leader in anti-aging skincare, fragrances and color cosmetics, we make it easy for you to sell and succeed, right away. Avon is a proven path to success for millions of Representatives around the world, from all ages, cultures and walks of life.

5 million Avon Representatives worldwide are enjoying these advantages - and so can you:

  • Flexible home-based business - Transform your spare room into an office or work from your kitchen table.
  • Minimum start-up investment - For a little more than the price of a lipstick, you can run your own Avon business.
  • Make your own hours - Be there when the kids get home from school, or launch a full-time business, it's up to you.
  • No required inventory - Instead, concentrate on selling and sharing Avon’s opportunity with others for faster success.
  • Incredible earnings potential - Sell and share the opportunity with those you recruit and mentor for greater financial rewards.
  • Excellent opportunities exclusive to Avon - Enjoy product discounts, participate in the exclusive Avon Independent Sales Representative Savings Plan, access to preferred suppliers of health insurance, training, rewards and incentives, scholarships and more.
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When you work for others, they determine your salary, your hours, and often, your career path. When you run your own business with Avon, there's no limit to your financial and personal success! Your potential is driven by your goals and determination. Choose to work as little as 20 hours a week - and you'll probably earn more than from a "regular" part-time job. Or jumpstart your income by becoming a Leadership Representative: share the Avon opportunity with others and profit from their success. In addition to this incremental earning potential, you'll be helping other people transform and take charge of their lives. You could join the elite team of Leadership Representatives, some of whom have earned six figure incomes, won luxury vacation packages and enjoyed company acclaim - with Avon, you can make your dreams a reality.*

Easy to sell because it's Avon!

As the world's largest direct selling company, it's easy to see why millions of people just like you are enjoying the rewards of being their own boss. That's because selling Avon is unlike selling any other product - Avon stands above the rest and has for more than 120 years. Avon's product portfolio includes some of the most recognizable beauty brands in the world, including Avon Color, Anew, Skin-So-Soft, Avon Solutions, Advance Techniques and Avon Wellness. Avon continues to set new standards of product innovation and sales success with these global brands that reinforce Avon's beauty leadership, technology and customer loyalty.
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* Your individual earnings may differ.


You’ll enjoy direct access to proven, powerful marketing and selling tools, special product incentives, bonuses and ongoing support from your Leadership Representative and District Sales Manager. You'll quickly see why more than 5 million people around the world are enjoying financial success and personal growth as Avon Representatives.

3 easy steps to success: Sell - Share - Show

Hit the ground running with a Grand Opening party that introduces your products to a group of interested customers. Your Avon Representative career kit includes the DVD video "Sell, Share and Show Your Way to Success", a step-by-step breakdown of proven marketing and sales guidelines. You'll discover that selling is fun, easy and enjoyable with Avon, the global beauty leader with brands that customers have trusted for more than 120 years.

In-person and on-line, boost your success with selling benefits exclusive to Avon:

  • Complete marketing, sales and personal empowerment materials at your fingertips - From prospecting flyers to on-line courses, energize your sales and your life.
  • Incentives, rewards and recognition - Bask in the glow of success, from financial incentives to paid vacations and company awards.
  • Exciting new campaigns every two weeks - Keep your customers interested with consistently updated catalogs.
  • Fast Start Bonuses for new Representatives- Jump start your success and recruit and mentor new Representatives for enhanced earning potential.
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Avon Representatives are from all walks of life, from all corners of the world. They had different reasons for becoming Representatives, but with one clear goal: to find personal empowerment and amazing earning potential. You can be your own boss and make your own schedule - with Avon, The Company for Women, you can have it all!

Representing Avon is unique, because Avon is unique!

  • Avon is the world's leader in anti-aging skincare, fragrances and color cosmetics, with annual sales exceeding $8 billion - Consistently appears among Fortune Magazine's leading companies and is listed on the world's major stock exchanges.
  • More than 5 million Representatives worldwide - A trailblazer of opportunity for Representatives in more than 100 countries, with a simple, proven path to financial success.
  • The most innovative marketing and sales tools available - From face-to-face to e-commerce, Avon makes it easy for you to succeed.
  • Avon’s $100 million Global Research and Development Center is key to the company's commitment to stay at the forefront of the beauty marketplace.

Avon, the leader in direct selling since 1886

Avon began in 1886 as the California Perfume Company, whose founder, David McConnell, discovered that bringing his perfumes directly to his customers - mostly women - was much more effective than traditional selling methods. His first "Representative" - then called a General Agent - was Mrs. P.F.E. Albee of Winchester, New Hampshire, who traveled by train, horse and foot to sell Avon and recruit other Agents. That was the beginning of Avon's heritage of empowering women by offering financial and professional opportunities in a time where little existed - it would be another 34 years before American women could even vote! Today, Avon continues to provide economic opportunities for women worldwide.

Avon, the world's most recognizable beauty brand

From leading the world in anti-aging skincare to cutting-edge concepts in color cosmetics, Avon constantly strives toward innovation in product technology, design, marketing and sales. Avon's product portfolio includes some of the most recognizable beauty brands in the world such as Avon Color, Anew, Skin-So-Soft, Avon Solutions, Advance Techniques, Avon Naturals and Avon Wellness.

Avon, The Company for Women

Avon is committed to women of all cultures and age groups – not only as consumers and Representatives: as people. We believe in giving back to women and the communities where they live and work, from their economic well-being to their health and safety. Since 1955, when the Avon Foundation was created, more than $500 million worldwide has been donated to address breast cancer, domestic violence and emergency relief for women and families. Avon is the largest single corporate supporter in breast cancer awareness and research. And for 52 weeks starting in April, 2007, the Avon Hello Tomorrow Fund will award $5,000 every week to an individual with the most compelling application that advances women’s causes and ultimately improves society in three vital areas: business development, community service, and awareness/outreach. For more information, please visit
Change your life with the world’s largest direct seller! Apply now and you will be contacted shortly.

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