Monday, August 8, 2011

Look Beautiful While Giving Back

I have come to realize that being an Avon Rep is not the best way to make a living. It’s great to have a little extra cash every couple of weeks, but I have a full time job, full time mother, soccer and baseball coach, and at times I cannot “follow up” on my customers or go out and recruit new prospects and reps.

I have determined at this point that I will not collect an income from Avon; instead, I will donate 100% of my commission to help non profits raise money for their cause.

This is how it works:

First- Your non-profit must know people that use: Makeup, Skincare, Bath & Body, Fragrances, Hair Care, Jewelry, Fashion, Home, Children, and Men Products. They must also buy those products at grocery stores, department stores, and other retail or web retail oriented locations.

Second- Your non-profit must know people that understand if you buy any Makeup, Skincare, Bath & Body, Fragrances, Hair Care, Jewelry, Fashion, Home, Children, and Men Products from local retailers or online that those companies are probably not going to donate any of the proceeds from your purchase to your charity, unless, you spend months organizing, developing, and contracting with the big corporate offices to get their involvement. However, I seriously doubt that Walmart will donate any proceeds to your non-profit from purchasing health and beauty products.

Third- We set up an online event for your non-profit and give you a special link to track sales. The non-profit is encouraged to share this link with their network of friends, family, clients, and sponsors. You will see in the image below information about your non-profit, including the organizer’s name and contact info (good advertising source), and a big button that allows the traffic you send to the link access to shop only through your link, i.e. ‘Shop My Online Event”. If the individuals don’t click that button to shop we cannot track your sales.

Fourth: Your non-profit will receive a copy of my commission sheet. Avon’s commission sheet is very structured; however, the Avon commission is paid before Avon takes any fees. For example, if your non-profit shares the link with 100 people and only 10 of those people place an order, Avon charges a $0.75 order processing fee per customer transaction ($7.50).  Anyone that orders through an online fundraising event is responsible for their own sales tax and shipping fees. We also have a $7.00 monthly web fee as this allows us to create and run the online events successfully.  We charge $25.00 for administrative fees.

Why do we charge an administrative fee? We contribute to society. We create jobs. Not for individuals to sell Avon per say, but to help us create online events, market them via social media Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, they also get vocational training in advertising. For example, if your non-profit wants to utilize this unique fundraising opportunity you will be featured on all of our outreach material, such as a custom Facebook Event Page we create that includes your logo and links, advertorial or editorial (you provide) that will appear on our Blog, daily tweets and post during your participation, pushing more traffic to your company url, blog, and event fundraiser. That is a lot of exposure to pay someone to give your non-profit attention for only $25.00. Most online event fundraisers last for two weeks as this gives you and I plenty of time to market.

Let’s say for example the 10 individuals that ordered through your online event purchased $1500.00 worth of product. We get 50% commission on $1500.00 =$750.00. Our fees would be a total of $39.50; your non-profit gets $710.50 as a gift or donation directly from me.

Fifth: Your non-profit will receive payment via direct deposit, Paypal, or check, plus a copy of our commission invoice, access to track sales online 24/7, and lots of social media exposure. This fundraising opportunity is 100% risk free. If your non-profit collects less than $100.00 in fundraising sales we will waive our $25.00 fee, order processing fees and web fee still applies.

Please take a moment to consider the features and benefits of this opportunity. Can your friends, family, colleagues, and clients benefit your cause by purchasing bug spray, or soap, or Reese Witherspoon perfume for their wives?  Please try this 100% Risk Free and use this as another income source that will benefit the cause you work hard to support.

Jennifer Hill
Avon Sales Representative

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