Monday, August 8, 2011

The Truth About Being An Avon Sales Rep


In this economy everyone is looking for additional ways to earn an income. You will find millions of websites that offer work-from-home opportunities and multi-level marketing opportunities. The truth is some work-from-home opportunities are just too good to be true and the idea of working in a multi-level marketing pyramid is often portrayed as a scam to make you do all the work while the up-line gets all the profits.

Amway, Thirty-One Gifts Pampered Chef, and Avon are perfect examples of what some may consider as multi-level marketing schemes. However, I disagree. I don’t know much about Amway, except for a brief online search that revealed that many of their down-line reps are not allowed to tell people who they work for.  Thirty-One Gifts, Pampered Chef and Avon allow reps to sell their products for a commission minus any overages such as brochures, samples, and other marketing materials.

I don’t consider Avon a multi-level marketing scheme. I see it as a sound business if you’re clear about the ends and outs of running a mobile retail oriented business. Every stand alone retail business has overages and typically the creators, investors, board members and upper level management make most of the money at the expense of laborers, i.e. salespeople, mid-level management, and other employees. There are other additional costs in order for the retailer to survive such as inventory, signage, building expenses, labor, and other controllable and non-controllable expenses.

As an Avon Sales Representative the only costs you have are inventory including brochures and samples, fuel expenses from time-to-time to deliver product, and you get the benefits of work-from-home tax benefits like deducting a portion of your internet bill, telephone, and gas expenses.

The main goal for an Avon Sales Representative is to have a down-line and recruit a team of other reps; this is where some people are confused about Avon having the appearance of being a MLM scheme. Once you have a few recruits, you don’t take away a percentage of their commission, you can earn a cash incentive of up to 7%, you do get bonus money for the recruits from Avon not the recruits, and an opportunity to promote to a Unit Leader position where you are guaranteed a higher commission of your sales plus you get the other incentives of Presidential Points.   

Other MLM companies allow the up-line to earn a percentage of their recruits commission, thus putting the pressure on the recruits to do more work, increase sales and down-line. This is not different from any other business. Think about it, if you’re in sales, and close the big deal, everyone above you gets a piece of that pie. They created the plan and hired you to sell it, everyone gets paid a percentage of the profits.

Avon is the same in this regard, except you can work when you want, sell what you want, and not have a boss putting pressure on you to make more sales because their income is tied to your performance.

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